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Our services cover, but are not limited to, companies from the following sectors of the economy:


Construction and reconstruction, entrepreneurship, construction supervision, turnkey construction, specialized construction services, engineering, installation, dismantling, design and decoration, interior and exterior works, repairs, facades, insulation, landscaping and many others…


In all sub-sectors, from farmers to large industrial enterprises.


Trade, distribution, dealerships etc.

Food services:

Restaurants, fast food franchise chains and others.

Art and culture:

Artists, social entrepreneurs, sponsors, artists, NGOs, cultural entities, etc.


Creative, professional, civic, formal and informal associations, unions and organizations.

Professional services:

Lawyers, doctors, notaries, architects, designers, consultants and many other.

Real Estate:

Brokering, real estate management, construction, repair, maintenance, sale, leasing, insurance, security and cluster activities in the sub-industry.

Tourism and Leisure:

Licensed tour operators and travel agencies, hotels, restaurateurs, carriers, catering etc.