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PKF EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting 2024

More than 200 friends and colleagues from our global community joined us in Nice from 15 to 17 May 2024 to attend our annual EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting.


More than 200 friends and colleagues from our global community joined us in Nice from 15 to 17 May 2024 to attend our annual EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting. With an action-packed agenda and inspiring guest speakers, there was something for everyone at these events.

EMEI Gathering

After an unforgettable entrance from PKF Global CEO Theo Vermaak and Franck Glédel, CEO of our host firm PKF Arsilon, delegates were treated to a raft of engaging sessions. PKF South Africa CEO Waldek Wasowicz delivered a powerful keynote entitled ‘The Keys to the Kingdom’, during which he revealed the untapped potential that lies between Europe and Africa. He took a fresh look at growth and collaboration opportunities and encouraged our members to take straightforward, actionable steps to achieve mutual benefits.

Breakout sessions allowed delegates to explore a range of topics relating to our strategic priorities. The programme featured breakouts on technology (with a focus on the transformative role of AI in our profession), growth and the client experience.

Global Tax Pillar Meeting

Our Tax colleagues spent their annual meeting exploring our four tax pillars, Indirect Taxes, Global Mobility, Tax Structuring and Transfer Pricing, with a focus on creating powerful opportunities for our clients, our people and our communities. Our brightest Tax minds travelled from all over the world to share their insights and wealth of knowledge. Delegates left the conference enriched and re-energised, ready to tackle new challenges, embrace cutting-edge approaches and drive even greater value for clients.

Leadership Development Training

Our in-person Leadership Development Training took place in Nice before the EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting. Delegates from all over the world enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn together and build relationships with like-minded colleagues from the PKF Global family, under the guidance of coaches from theGroGroup.

Event partners

We were delighted to welcome Beeye, Caseware, Datasnipper, Silverfin and Suralink as our event partners. Thank you for joining us, leading breakout sessions and sharing insights with our members.

Belong together

With our EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting running concurrently, it was the perfect opportunity to reunite with members of the PKF Global family from all corners of the world. From a rather soggy PKF Fun Run to a boat tour showcasing the dazzling Côte d’Azur, the welcome reception to our highlight dinner under the stars, we’ve enjoyed countless opportunities to network, collaborate and deepen our connections.

Be the change

In line with our global events last year, we’re replacing delegate gift bags with donations to good causes. The nominated charity for this year’s EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting is Acted, an organisation which develops and implements programmes to support people who have suffered from conflict, natural disaster or socio-economic hardship. We’re proud to have raised €5,000 for Acted – thank you to our members for helping us make a difference.

What’s more, we’ll be continuing to support Acted through future CSR initiatives and look forward to sharing further details on this soon.

Thank you to our hosts

We are very grateful to our hosts Franck Glédel, Sébastien Sauvageot, Anelise Flinois, François Duhau, Carole Toniutti and everyone at PKF Arsilon for welcoming us so warmly to the beautiful city of Nice.

Event feedback

Delegates have shared lots of positive feedback with us about the events. Read on for a flavour of the comments we received.

Franck Glédel, CEO of our host firm PKF Arsilon, said ‘It was a privilege for us to host the EMEI Gathering 2024. We were delighted to be able to talk, laugh and share unforgettable moments with all the participants. We look forward to meeting up again soon and doing business together.’

PKF BOFIDI partner Aleksandr Natanelov presented at the Global Tax Pillar Meeting and said, ‘People often ask – what do you get out of these international events? Personally, if I had to choose one thing it would be INSPIRATION! Every time I get back home full of ideas and ambitions to bring our firm to the next level!’

PKF Global CEO Theo Vermaak said, ‘It was fantastic to see our members inspired by our speakers, panellists and each other throughout our Leadership Development Training, EMEI Gathering and Global Tax Pillar Meeting. As with previous events, I know that these conversations lead to positive action and global collaboration long after the events themselves have finished. I'd like to thank everyone for making these meetings such a resounding success.’

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